About Us

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Our Philosophy

Relentless Curiosity

We are investing in the future and the innovators that will build that future in some of the most challenging geographies in the world. To do that we must embrace ambiguity, ask ourselves what can go right and test our assumptions constantly.


It is not one’s resources that matter but their resourcefulness. This means we know how to get things done with very little.Our goal is to be the most trusted value-add partner to our entrepreneurs across different industries through our investments ,extensive networks, mentorship and strategic advice.

Founder First

We believe the people we invest in are the single most important factor in our combined prosperity. We understand that without entrepreneurs we have no business. Therefore our aim is to partner with outstanding human beings and build a relationship of high-integrity and mutual respect. For us, relationships are more important than transactions.

Long Term

As entrepreneurs ourselves we know that building valuable companies takes time and focus. We seek to develop businesses and relationships that will endure and in which we can take pride.

You get rewarded for unique knowledge, not for effort. Effort is required to create unique knowledge.

– Naval Ravikant 

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Building off our
shared experience

While the firm was founded in 2017, its beginnings go back to the early days of the Venture Capital ecosystem in Africa.  Co-founders Rob and Steven were active angels and began co-investing together in 2015 helping companies that are now in the portfolio get off the ground. 

Lateral Frontiers emerged from their shared experience investing into the early ecosystem and a collective vision to build something that met the needs of founders and the nascent funding environment. That ethos is reflected in the core mission of our firm, our values and our culture. 

They met Samakab in 2016 as part of their early- stage investment circle while he was working at Avanz Capital. Together, the management team has 45+ years investment experience across Asia, Africa, Latam & other markets.Since then, the Lateral team has grown and is supported by experienced operators across emerging markets who all work closely to support our founders in building their companies.

To date we have backed some of the most iconic technology companies in Africa and more than anything, we remain committed to our ethos of founders first and openness while striving for excellence.


What Industries Do We Invest In?

Out of Fund II we are currently investing into Fintech and Cleantech related businesses.

What Stages Do We Get Involved in?

We invest from Seed to Series A.

What geographies do we focus on?

While we are principally focused on companies levered to Africa we are actively exploring new markets in  Latin America, South Asia and other frontiers.