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  • Masa Finance -
  • Masa Finance
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    Decentralized Credit Bureau and Embedded Lending Protocol

  • B54 -
  • B54
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    A transaction financing platform for tech-enabled businesses in emerging markets

  • Kashier -
  • Kashier
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    A unified payments platform for businesses in Africa

  • Vibra -
  • Vibra
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    All in one crypto exchange and platform for Africa.

  • Minka -
  • Minka
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    Financial services infrastructure providing clearing and payments ledger platform for emerging markets

  • Ejara -
  • Ejara
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    Crypto exchange for Francophone Africa

  • Silvertree -
  • Silvertree
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    An investment partner scaling consumer and digital brands.

  • Koko Networks -
  • Koko Networks
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    Smart commerce platform for urban Africa

  • Sparkmeter -
  • Sparkmeter
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    Turnkey smart metering solutions tailor-made for rural and central utilities in developing markets.

  • Autochek -
  • Autochek
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    Transforming the used car buying experience in Africa

  • Arcturus -
  • Arcturus
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    Intelligent Security and Critical Threat Detection for Emerging Markets

  • Workstyle -
  • Workstyle
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    Building Africa’s first continent wide Sub-Saharan co-location office solutions.

  • MeshPlusPlus -
  • MeshPlusPlus
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    Hardware & software solutions to solve last mile internet delivery in Africa.

  • Asoko Insight -
  • Asoko Insight
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    The premier African Corporate Data Analytics provider to the investment industry

  • SeamlessHr -
  • SeamlessHr
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    Modern HR and payroll technology for emerging markets.

  • Carry 1st -
  • Carry 1st
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    Africa’s #1 Mobile Games and Apps Publisher

  • Medsaf -
  • Medsaf
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    A B2B pharmaceuticals procurement platform and inventory management for pharmacies.

  • LYNK -
  • LYNK
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    Leading service marketplace platform connecting buyers to informal workers’ goods & services.

  • Kountable -
  • Kountable
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    On demand working capital finance for emerging market vendors

  • 4G Capital -
  • 4G Capital
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    Africa’s fastest fintech company championing micro-entrepreneurs.

  • Lipa Later -
  • Lipa Later
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    Leveraging alternative credit scoring to provide affordable productive assets to consumers.

  • Pngme -
  • Pngme
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    Unified financial and identification data API for African developers.

  • Mono -
  • Mono
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    Unified banking API for developers.

  • Appzone -
  • Appzone
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    Cloud-based banking and digital channel software provider for Africa.